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Moxibustion refers to a heat therapy that comes from burning moxa, or mugwort. Moxa is a plant with many healing properties and its heat is particularly penetrating and therapeutic. We may use moxa as part of a treatment plan for certain kinds of muscle pain or injury, arthritis, scars, as well as some kinds of chronic digestive or gynecological issues, or some issues during pregnancy.

There are many forms of moxibustion. At Bower Family Acupuncture, we most typically either use smokeless pole moxa or thread moxa. During moxa treatment with a moxa pole, your acupuncturist will hold a stick of moxa over certain areas or points while you feel a comfortable heat sensation in that area. During moxa treatment with thread moxa, tiny strands of moxa are applied directly to your skin and then heated, but they are removed before the heat touches your skin.

We do not offer stand-alone moxa sessions, but rather include moxa in acupuncture treatments when appropriate. We will always discuss this option with you first! Most patients love including moxa in their treatments.